Rytec High Speed Doors

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Most Illinois residents want high-quality doors that will protect their commercial property without diminishing its visual appeal. Rytec high-speed doors are some of the best doors in the industry and will protect your business from intruders, weather, and much, much more. Hobbs Dock and Door put together a brief guide to teach you more about Rytec doors and how they can take your commercial property to new heights.

Rytec High-Speed Door Construction

Rytec develops their doors using the best materials the industry has to offer. Their scratch-resistant, shatterproof LEXAN slates provide impeccable natural lighting and visibility while protecting your property from various threats. They also feature galvanized steel heads and side frames that take their durability to the next level.

Rytec High Speed Doors

Different Parts of Rytec High-Speed Doors

While doors might not consist of several complex parts, our doors have several features that help them stand out among the competition. For example, the Rytec spiral high-speed doors have extension springs within the side columns that make opening and closing them nearly effortless. They also feature a counterbalance system that reduces wear and tear while increasing longevity, preventing premature replacements. 

Uses of Rytec High-Speed Doors

Our doors are perfect for commercial properties needing additional protection without sacrificing style. Below are just some industries that benefit from Rytec high-speed overhead doors and our other door varieties:

  •  Automotive dealerships
  •  Manufacturing plants
  •  Warehouses
  •  Security properties
  •  Biotech facilities
  •  Parking lots
  •  Government buildings
  •  Food and drink venders

Benefits of Rytec High-Speed Doors

Our doors provide multiple benefits that help your commercial property reach its full potential. These benefits include:

  • Enhanced Security: Worry less about break-ins and theft with these durable, high-quality doors.
  • Tight Seals: Worry less about air seepage by installing tight-sealing Rytec high-speed doors.
  • Fast Opening Speeds: These doors offer opening speeds of up to 100 inches a second, making them some of the best in the business.
  • Sleek Appearance: These doors don’t just offer outstanding functionality; they also add a significant amount of aesthetic appeal to your property.
  • Pathwatch Safety Light System Technology: Enhance safety and awareness by getting doors with this fantastic technology.
  • Versatility: No matter the industry or need, there’s a door for you.

Rytec High-Speed Doors: Types We Offer

Hobbs Dock and Door carries several high-quality Rytec door variations and can equip your home with a best-in-class model. Our selection includes the following.


FlexTech doors feature a soft-edged, flexible fabric perfect for cold plant facilities.

Fast Seal

These exceedingly durable industrial doors that can withstand impacts and harsh weather with relative ease.

PredaDoor NXT

These Rytec high-speed rolling doors utilize state-of-the-art technology and top-quality materials for unmatched reliability and performance.

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If you want to install top-of-the-line Rytec high-speed doors on your Illinois property, contact Hobbs Dock and Door. We have several first-class designs that will improve your property’s security and efficiency at affordable prices. From Rytec high-speed door troubleshooting to professional door installation, Hobbs Dock and Door has you covered.

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