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  • Model 6241 – Medium Duty Rolling Steel Service Doors
  • Model 6000 – Full Duty Rolling Steel Service Door


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Rolling steel

We have industrial rolling steel doors, coiling Fire Doors, Fire Shutters, Counter Doors, Grilles and Side Folding Grilles to exceptional standards of quality. Our promise is to deliver affordable, owner-friendly rolling steel doors that are reliable, architecturally pleasing and simple to maintain. Additionally, almost all of the materials that go into our doors are 100% recyclable post-consumer, making our rolling steel doors an ideal choice for green sustainable buildings and LEED projects.


Specialty Products include:

Powder Coat

Custom colors and durable paint finishes are a staple of our business at C.H.I. With our own in-house powder-coat process, we offer up to 188 standard powder-coat colors and can match most custom color requests beyond that. Powder-coat paint finishes have long been considered the best answer for tough-use environments, and our process is environmentally friendly. The paint is applied as a dry powder and any over-spray is collected and reused with no air emissions – a great choice for sustainable buildings that require a unique appearance.

Sloping Bottom Bars

Designed for those applications where the floor or sill of the opening is sloped due to the building being built on an incline (think San Francisco or Pittsburgh). This option provides a secure closure to the opening even without the traditional 90 degree squared openings at the floor level.

Super Imposed

The C.H.I. superimposed rolling steel door is two doors sharing a single pair of head plates and wall angles. The door is designed for applications that require maximum security and an environmental barrier some of the time and allow airflow and security at other times. A number of different door and grille combinations are possible. These superimposed door designs are preferred in many commercial, industrial, defense, and food service applications.

  • Model 6241 – Medium Duty Rolling Steel Service Doors
  • Model 6000 – Full Duty Rolling Steel Service Door


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