Dock signs, numbers, and traffic lights

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Loading-Dock-Number-ID-SignsLabel your docks adequately with large dock signs and number. A numerical identification system is the cleanest and most effective way to keep your docks organized.

Signs combat confusion and help make your business run smoother.

  • Signs have oversized numbers visible from over 150 feet away.
  • Made from hefty aluminum, these durable signs will even outlast your loading docks.
  • Scroll over a sign to get pricing information.Don’t see everything that you need? Give our staff a call for more help!

All signs are available in three grades of 3M reflective film – just like traffic signs. Our Diamond Grade dock number signs have become our most popular. Drivers can spot them at night and when they approach the dock from an angle. Diamond Grade and High Intensity Grade reflective signs offer superior reflective angularity.

Dock traffic lights are a critical component of any loading dock facility, and Hobbs Docks and Doors offers a wide range of top-quality traffic lights that are designed to improve safety and efficiency in your loading dock operations. These traffic lights are specifically engineered to provide clear and visible signals to truck drivers, forklift operators, and other personnel working in and around the loading dock area.

Hobbs Docks and Doors’ dock traffic lights provide a cost-effective and reliable solution to improve safety and efficiency in your loading dock operations. Whether you are upgrading your existing loading dock equipment or building a new facility, their team of experts can help you select the right traffic lights to meet your specific requirements and ensure optimal performance.



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