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Whether you have a cold storage space or own a pharmaceutical facility, having quality doors that keep your products nice and cool is a must. ASI cold storage doors are some of the best commercial door solutions on the market and will preserve your refrigerated wares while enhancing your property’s security measures. ASI has been an industry leader for several years, and its products work great for various industries.

Hobbs Dock and Doors created a short guide to explain everything you need to know about ASI doors and how they can benefit your business.

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Types of ASI Cold Storage Doors

ASI cold storage doors come in several varieties, each providing their own unique benefits. Some utilize tracks to slide open, while others roll up overhead. Below are just some types of ASI cold storage doors for commercial properties.

ASI Cold Storage Sliding 

ASI’s cold storage sliding doors are some of the most popular door systems and work great for numerous industrial and commercial facilities. They feature an outstanding track guidance system that allows the doors to slide open easily while reducing wear and tear. These doors also have an exceptional thermoplastic panel and outer shell that helps you save energy by preventing cold air from seeping out of enclosed spaces, ensuring your refrigerated goods stay chilled 24/7.

ASI Cold Storage Swinging

Our top-notch cold storage swinging doors consist of high-quality white galvanized steel to ensure exceptional durability and room-temperature stability in cold environments. Their metal structure also prevents rot, moisture absorption, and other issues typically associated with metal-wrapped wooden doors. Their closed-cell polyurethane foam provides outstanding insulation for freezers and other cold storage rooms, making them perfect for food processing plants, butcher shops, and other food businesses.

ASI Cold Storage Overhead

ASI cold storage overhead and rolling doors effortlessly glide up at breakneck speeds (with many reaching 100 inches per second), allowing you to enter and exit freezers while minimizing cold air loss. Many overhead and rolling varieties allow you to change the open and closing speed, with several mechanical models featuring manual motor overrides that offer entry and insulation during power outages. 

ASI Cold Storage Impactable

ASI cold storage impactable doors are nearly impervious to impact damage and allow forklifts and other heavy machinery to enter and exit refrigerated rooms swiftly and without issue. They automatically close once a machine enters, limiting air exchange while boosting efficiency. Their durable and energy-efficient nature makes them ideal for large cold storage facilities that use heavy machinery on a daily basis.

Benefits of ASI Cold Storage Door Solutions

ASI doors provide numerous benefits that will help your company operate more effectively. They help preserve your refrigerated goods while giving them an extra layer of security. Below are just some of the benefits of ASI’s cold storage door solutions:

  • Limits air exchange between hot and cold areas 

  • Offers both manual and automatic operation

  • Improves employee efficiency 

  • Extraordinary insulation abilities 

  • Decreases ice buildup

  • Several varieties to choose from

  • Work well in various industrial and commercial properties

  • Outstanding food preservation

  • Improves security

Industries We Serve

ASI cold storage doors are extremely versatile and work wonders for several industries. We’ve installed countless doors in multiple industrial and commercial properties, including the following.

Refrigerated Warehousing

Refrigerated warehouses need impeccable cold storage doors that will limit air exchange and preserve their products. Installing one of our doors in your refrigerated warehouse will help it maintain its cold climate so you can keep your products safe and chilled year-round.

Food Processing

Like refrigerated warehouses, food processing plants require top-quality cold storage doors to prevent food from spoiling. Our doors allow you to enter and exit walk-in refrigerators quickly while minimizing cold air loss.

Grocery Distribution

Grocery distribution facilities must maintain a chilled environment to ensure products don’t rot before they reach their final destination. Inadequate cold storage doors often allow cold air to escape through small gaps and uninsulated areas of their structure, adversely affecting your business’s profits and storage capabilities. Our doors are highly insulated, ensuring food products stay fresh for longer.


Dairy products spoil incredibly fast in hot and moderately warm environments. Our cold storage doors will prevent milk from curdling prematurely while preventing other dairy products from expiring early.


Seafood is another food group that requires cold storage to prevent premature expiration. Overly hot temperatures can also cause seafood to smell atrocious, making it spoil faster while making it extremely unappetizing. Keeping seafood behind one of our cold storage doors significantly extends its shelf life, ensuring it remains safe to eat once it reaches the store.


Bakeries often store ingredients and pastries in refrigerators to help them stay fresh before reaching store shelves. Our doors will help you preserve your baked goods by preventing chilled air from escaping refrigerated areas. 


Many pharmaceuticals require cold storage to prevent them from becoming compromised. Our doors will help your pharmaceutical storage facility stay cold, preventing your products from going out of date too soon.

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