Importance of Dock Bumpers

If you run a business with a shipping and receiving department, then protecting the assets that move in and out of your location is paramount. You can’t underestimate the importance of a dock bumper for keeping your loading bay safe and efficient. Though simple in concept, dock bumpers offer significant security and functionality to your business.

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What Are Dock Bumpers?

Dock bumpers are reinforced rubber pads that protect your loading bay and trucks by absorbing impacts from loading vehicles backing into your loading dock. They’re often four inches in diameter, but some are available in sizes up to six inches and can include a steel plate for extra durability. 

Although thicker dock bumpers can offer more protection, they also limit the proximity between a loading vehicle and your loading dock area.

Dock Bumper in Commercial Loading Dock Area of Shipping and Receiving department

The Importance of Dock Bumpers for Shipping and Receiving Departments

Did you know dock bumpers are capable of absorbing up to 95% of an impact from a truck backing into your loading dock? A truck colliding with your loading dock can strike with anywhere between 100,000 to 300,000 pounds of force, so the protection loading dock bumpers provide is crucial.

When considering dock bumper importance for your shipping and receiving departments, you’ll want to consider a few factors to avoid potential issues, such as incompatibility and premature failure. Some of the aspects to remember before deciding on a dock bumper setup for your facility include the following:

  • Bumper Thickness, with a recommended four-inch minimum and up to a six-inch solution for establishments that see heavier or more frequent traffic
  • Bumper Height, ensuring adequate clearance for a trailer’s minimum and maximum height
  • Bumper Mounting, so your bumpers are secure and provide long-lasting protection for your loading area and business goods

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Types of Dock Bumpers

Hobbs Dock & Door offers dock bumpers in many forms and configurations across industry-leading brands. Each type is applicable depending on your business, location, and preferences, and we take care to understand your loading process while accounting for various factors before installation.

Although all dock bumpers ultimately serve the same purpose, being mindful of the differences between each type will help you make the best decision according to your needs.

Rubber Dock Bumpers

Otherwise known as molded dock bumpers, these bumpers are essentially maintenance-free and generally utilize prime rubber reinforced with fiber and nylon for their material, effectively removing the possibility of rust buildup and risk of damage due to warping. These factors, combined with the potential for several customizations, such as adjustable length and the option for additional metal band fittings to provide further protection, helps explain why rubber dock bumpers are so popular.

You can use rubber dock bumpers for loading docks that see lower traffic levels. They also protect your loading area from equipment hitting or scraping the interior walls, such as rail carts or forklifts.

Steel-faced Dock Bumpers

Steel face dock bumpers are an excellent option if your facility location sees high traffic levels from loading vehicles. Steel reinforcement allows the bumpers to absorb the force of impact from collisions better while resisting weather damage.

Laminated Dock Bumpers

Ever wonder what happens to old truck tires that no longer hold air? Manufacturers sometimes recycle them for use as dock bumpers. These durable bumpers consist of pads made of a bias ply material and laminated under pressure, which creates a flat, whole surface with steel rods for structural support.

Laminated bumpers fare best in traffic docks that see mild to moderate levels of traffic. We offer these types of bumpers in various sizes, including extra-long and thick configurations if necessary.

Extruded Dock Bumpers

This dock bumper option is cost-effective and highly versatile, working for indoor or outdoor environments while being easy to install side-by-side, providing extra protection and covering more surface area simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Dock Bumpers

What are Dock Bumpers Made of?

The material that manufacturers use to make dock bumpers varies, with strong and flexible rubber being fairly common for its impact absorption and weather-resistant capabilities. For example, EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber dock bumpers hold up well against water and can last up to 30 years. SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) is also popular thanks to its low-temperature flexibility and ability to withstand cracks and abrasions.

How do I Protect my Dock?

You can protect your loading dock in several ways, such as installing dock bumpers to maintain structural integrity. However, the best way to ensure safety in your loading area, from the building itself to the assets moving in and out of it, and your employees, is through a combination of protective measures. When you contact us at Hobbs Dock & Door, we can provide consultation to help you determine the best, most efficient way of safeguarding your dock.

Protect Your Loading Dock With Dock Bumpers from Hobbs Dock & Door Today

When running a successful business, safety and efficiency go hand in hand. Dock bumpers help you strike this balance, but you need a dependable team to install them and provide ongoing services to get the most use out of them.

At Hobbs Dock & Door, we take great pride in delivering excellent service and providing products from key industry players to enhance the quality of your business. We understand dock bumper importance and the role these devices play in helping you run a safe business operation. When you choose us to install dock bumpers for your facility’s loading area, you’ll receive peak protection and optimal functionality, allowing your business to thrive without compromise.

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