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When loading and unloading goods, keeping your vehicle or trailer secured to the dock is crucial to prevent it from separating during the process. High-quality vehicle restraints ensure your truck remains in place while you transport goods in or out of a facility, ensuring a safe and effective load. Nordock truck restraints are some of the best vehicle restraints available and will keep your vehicle safe and secure while you load or unload your wares.

To explain more about Nordock truck restraints, Hobbs Dock and Door created a guide so you can assess their benefits before committing to the purchase.

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What Are Nordock Truck Restraints?

Truck restraints, also called trailer restraints, are essential devices that attach to vehicles and/or trailers to keep them in place while you load or unload them. They prevent your truck from drifting off during the loading process, ensuring you and your employees stay safe throughout the process. They also improve productivity by allowing you to work faster and more efficiently while boosting security measures as you load.

Nordock truck restraints are some of the best vehicle restraints in the industry and provide unmatched tethering as your transport goods on and off your truck or trailer. They consist of industry-leading materials that maintain their robustness for numerous years without suffering immense wear and tear (if you keep up with their maintenance demands). Nordock vehicle restraints have been an industry frontrunner for several years and offer superior durability, longevity, and support, giving you peace of mind while you load or unload your trailer or truck.

Why Are Nordock Vehicle Restraints Necessary?

Every loading dock must have vehicle restraints to abide by OSHA protocols. They prevent the vehicle from separating from the dock while you load or unload wares, preventing hazardous situations that often result in injuries and product damage. They make the process safer and often heighten productivity.

Sometimes thieves prey on loading docks to steal trucks carrying goods. Vehicle restraints prevent criminals from running off with your truck and/or products, further enhancing safety measures. 

Uses of Nordock Vehicle Restraints

Again, Nordock vehicle restraints secure your trailer and/or truck to the loading dock to prevent it from moving while you load or unload goods. Simply attach the restraint to the loading dock and vehicle or trailer to ensure a safe and efficient process while preventing vehicle and product theft. They are incredibly easy to use and can make loading and unloading your truck easier than ever.

If you want to give your truck and trailer additional support, you can use wheel restraints with your vehicle restraints. Wheel restraints attach to your vehicle’s wheels and prevent them from moving if an accident occurs or the vehicle restraint fails. Nordock makes industry-leading wheel restraints that will keep your truck secure in nearly every loading situation

Features/Benefits of Nordock Vehicle Restraints

Nordock vehicle restraints aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill trailer restraints. They have several unique features that blow the competition out of the water. 

One of the most prevalent beneficial features of Nordock’s truck restraints is their patented impact guard. The impact guard makes Nordock vehicle restraints 10 times stronger than other leading automatic and manual truck restraints, giving you unmatched strength and durability. They are corrosion-resistant as well, helping them keep their robust structure for years on end.

Nordock restraints also have fewer parts, dramatically reducing their maintenance demands. You won’t have to waste time maintaining them before and after every use, making the process much faster. 

Another fantastic feature of Nordock truck restraints is their barrier sensors. These sensors adjust to truck movement automatically and alert you if a potential issue arises, protecting you and your goods while you load or unload them.

Other Beneficial Features include:

LED outside and inside communication lights

  • Interlock capabilities

  • Self-cleaning guide tracks

  • Weather-resistant components 

  • Five-year structural warranty

Types of Nordock Vehicle Restraints

Nordock truck restraints come in three primary models:

  • Non-Impact Restraints

  • Rear Impact Hook Restraints 

  • Wheel Restraints

  • Non-Impact Restraints

Nordock’s non-impact restraints work on nearly any truck and vehicle and feature over 32,000 pounds of restraining force. They can also withstand up to 100,000 pounds of mounting force, making them extremely hardy devices. Non-impact varieties come in both manual and automatic designs and will withstand the test of time.

Rear Impact Hook Restraints

Rear impact hook restraints provide even more security and feature rear impact guards that significantly reduce vehicle damage if you run into the dock. Many variations also feature a patented no-pinch auxiliary lock system that furthers their tethering capabilities.

Wheel Restraints 

Nordock wheel restraints attach to your vehicle’s wheels and prevent them from moving while you unload goods. They are simple yet effective truck restraints that keep vehicles in place while decreasing the chance of theft.

Hobbs Dock and Door carries several Nordock vehicle restraint models and will help you find the best variation for your vehicle and needs while keeping your budget in mind. We’ve been a leading dock and door company in Illinois for several years and can handle all your docking needs.

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