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If you’re in the market for a dock leveler, you can’t do better than a Nordock model. Designed with innovation and long-lasting results in mind, Nordock dock levelers come in various forms, each with advantages and practical applications to improve the overall quality of your business operations.

Selecting Hobbs Dock & Door to install Nordock levelers for your facility means choosing a proficient and reliable team to do the job. This means you get the best industry safety, service, and selection with any of our professional specialists.

What Are Dock Levelers?

A dock leveler is a piece of retractable equipment that bridges the gap between your facility’s loading dock and a vehicle, commonly a truck or trailer. These durable metal sheets come in many forms with varying dimensions and load capacities to fit loading docks of all sizes.

What Are Dock Levelers Used For?

You’ll most commonly find dock levelers in warehouse and stockroom environments, mounted within a pit or at the loading dock door to close the gap between the docking area floor and the vehicle. This height adjustment is crucial to ensure the efficient movement of goods in or out of a facility, which can make a huge difference in how well a company can run its business.

At Hobbs Dock & Door, we help you select, install, and service the right loading dock for your space and only work with the most trusted and reliable brands so that we can provide you with the best products possible.

Benefits of Nordock Dock Levelers

Dock levelers offer a wide range of benefits to businesses looking to enhance the efficiency and safety of their facilities.

Adding Functionality to Your Business

Chances are you’ll see a wide variety of vehicles arrive at your business location to deliver merchandise. For that, you’ll want something to help account for height differences or other compatibility issues. Nordock dock levelers are a fantastic and functional solution for these moments.

Facilitating Product Movement

Your business relies on products moving in and out of facilities, such as from a warehouse or distribution center to your base of operations. With a Nordock dock leveler in place, you can more easily load and unload trucks and trailers, allowing you to run your business with greater speed and efficiency.

Creating a Safer Work Environment

On top of added functionality and efficiency, Nordock dock levelers provide you and your employees with a safer work environment. Since the levelers account for height differential, goods can move in and out of your location smoothly. Dock levelers also absorb impacts while loading and unloading, which greatly diminishes the chances of an accident.

As technology advances, so do dock leveler details, and Nordock is leading the charge through quality craftsmanship, pioneering designs, and reliable engineering. To match this high-quality level, our professional team is available 24/7 to provide you with new installations, planned maintenance, parts support, and repair services whenever needed.

Types of Nordock Dock Levelers We Offer

At Hobbs Dock & Door, we offer a broad range of Nordock dock levelers to help you optimize operations for your business.


One of the more practical dock leveler options, the telescoping-lip models take the concept of a traditional dock leveler and add an extendable lip that helps prevent product damage from occurring on the loading dock. Thanks to their superior sealing capabilities, telescoping-lip dock levelers are ideal for loading docks that handle food and other cold materials.


In addition to the many standardized dock levels, Hobbs Dock & Door can install custom Nordock configurations that best suit your business needs. Whether you’re considering the Model XW for its ability to accommodate wider loads, the Model NR or Model SRD to load and unload rail cars with security and efficiency, or another solution, we have you covered. Contact us to learn more about load capacities and standard dimensions of these specialty dock levelers.


If you frequently use your dock leveler or need a leveler that can handle high-capacity loads, hydraulic systems might be the right fit for you. These high-performance models are also incredibly convenient thanks to their one-step button design for raising the ramp.


A common choice for warehouse environments, air-powered Nordock dock levelers commonly utilize pneumatic bags for raising and lowering the leveler and strike a balance between simplicity and effectiveness. With a minimal number of moving parts, air-powered dock levelers are inexpensive and remarkably low maintenance.


Where hydraulic and air-powered models are strong options for high load capacity and low maintenance costs, mechanical dock levelers are more environmentally friendly and still usable during a power outage. This is because manual dock levelers don’t require electricity to operate, meaning you don’t need to worry about costly or complicated electrical work. 

If your dock sees infrequent usage, then a mechanical Nordock dock leveler installed through one of our specialists is an option worth considering.

Edge and Surface Mounted

If your facility sees light loads or lacks a pit for incoming and outgoing transport vehicles, then a Nordock leveler installed at the edge or surface of the dock is probably the most viable solution for you. These safe, affordable alternatives to traditional dock levelers, dock boards, and portable plates are easy to install.

Get the Perfect Nordock Dock Leveler for Your Business Today With Hobbs Dock & Door

The Hobbs Dock & Door team continually strives to deliver quality results for every customer; that means keeping up with the latest technological advances while using only the latest tools and best practices. We work with many of the most established names in the industry, including Nordock, for the most reliable and productive dock levelers.

When you choose Hobbs Dock & Door to service your loading dock area, you’ll receive expertise from professionals available around the clock for your dock leveler maintenance, repair, and installation requirements. We help you select the right dock leveler, install it, and perform routine maintenance and repairs whenever you need them. Contact us today at (708) 293-8910 to request a free quote on your new dock leveler from Nordock.

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